Listen: Avi Buffalo - "Memories of You"

Includes the memorable lyric, "bitch, I'm on fire."

One of the best things about the Long Beach, California indie pop outfit Avi Buffalo is frontman / mastermind Avi Zahner-Isenberg's knack for juxtapositions - in his delicate falsetto, over woozy, nostalgic light-psych guitarscapes, he delivers verbose, complicated, hilarious, fucked-up, and/or raunchy lyrical sentiments where other bands would, say, sing about their childhood (no shade). In the band's new single "Memories of You," within thirty seconds - "bitch, I'm on fire! You got magnum desire! I'm a cheeseball on fire!" It's fantastic; it's what makes his songs so memorable, besides his insane guitar shredding, which comes later. Check out the track below - the band's new record, At Best Cuckold, their first since 2010, comes out September 9th.