Listen: Bear in Heaven - "Autumn"

Hear a charmingly creepy, menacing new one from the band's upcoming Time is Over One Day Old.
bear in heaven time is over

It's summertime, which means we're taking seasonally appropriate opportunity to continually blast Bear in Heaven's inimitable 2012 jam "Sinful Nature" - but, soon, we'll have new material from the band to back it up with. Here's one new song, "Autumn," our second taste from the upcoming Time is Over One Day Old (it follows up "Time Between") and the record's opener, and it's fantastic - with an intent, menacing backbeat and a synth effect that sounds like seagulls fighting over prey, it's as likely to freak you out as get you dancing, which is okay with us. Check it out - remember, you can pick up Time is Over One Day Old in a record store starting August 5th.