Listen to a Better Quality Version of Kanye West's "All Day"

A ghost of the "mosh-worthy" album Kanye had planned.
kanye west

Last year, Kanye West told GQ that the first single from his follow-up to Yeezus was going to be "All Day" and that it was due to premiere in September. That clearly didn't happen, but we did get a low quality leak of the track. Today a better (but still shitty) version of the track has surfaced online.

It's difficult to imagine how "All Day" fits, if at all, in the context of the more mellow, acoustic official singles Kanye has been releasing with Paul McCartney lately. We're inclined to believe that the "mosh"-worthy album Kanye worked on (and previewed in Paris and in the presence of Seth Rogan) has been scrapped in favor of a more inward-looking album. It's difficult to imagine we'll ever hear a finalized, fully mastered version of "All Day," so this may be as good as it gets. Check it out below:

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UPDATE: The track has been taken down.