Listen to Bob Dylan's Unreleased "Dress Up, Better Have it All"

Another one from the upcoming re-release of The Basement Tapes.

Can you imagine what it would have been like if we'd had music blogs back in Bob Dylan's day? For one, someone would probably have anonymously leaked all 138 songs featured on his upcoming reissue of the Basement Tapes long ago, including the 30 never-before-heard ones. There would also probably be more bootlegs we'd be trading via torrent and a lot more "I saw dude when..." braggadocio in the comments. The fact that we didn't makes this all more exciting, though, and it makes this new release from the reissue "Dress Up, Better Have it All" sound more plausibly like someone recorded it just before a beer-hall brawl in the Wild West. Check it out. The Basement Tapes reissue is out November 4th, which gives us just enough time to continue to report on it before we fully complete our transformation into your dad.