Listen to Caribou's Mixtape 2014

Features tracks from his alias, Daphni, Lil Wayne, Todd Edwards, and more

If you purchased Caribou's most recent dance-heavy LP, Our Love, at a Rough Trade Record store, then you were treated to an eclectic mix CD called Mixtape 2014 compiled by the man behind the outfit, Canadian mathematician/producer Dan Snaith. Today, Snaith unveiled the tape to the rest of us internet dwellers, which you can stream below. As displayed on the first track, it's a pretty random mix of songs here, including tracks from his alter ego Daphni, a Lil Wayne instrumental, Aphrodite's Child, Todd Edwards, and others. Check it out below, and also peruse the tracklist. For other Caribou mixes, check out his set for BBC Radio 1.

Mixtape 2014:

Aphrodite's Child - "The System"
Lata Ramasar - "The Greatest Name That Lives"
DJ Nori - "Happy Sunday" (Maurice Fulton Mix)
Black Truth Rhythm Band - "Ifetayo (part 2)"
Danny Hunt - "What's Happening to Our Love Affair"
Christian S. - "Jagos (Original Mix)"
Andres Lewin - "Spectrum"
Bernard Parmegiani - "Ondes Croisées"
Jerry Green - "I Finally Found The Love I Need"
Todd Edwards - "Winter Behaviour"
Cricco Castelli - "Life Has Changed"
Tyree - "Video Crash (Crash Mix)"
Lil Wayne - "I'm Single (Instrumental)"
Robert Armani - "Ambulance"
Jean-Luc Ponty - "Computer Incantations for World Peace"
Jessie G - "It's Hot"
Pépé Bradock - "Démarre Le Chauve "
Daphni - "Ramblin On"
??? - "???" (Daphni Edit)
TCB Band - "Children of the Future"
Aphrodite's Child - "Break"