Listen: alt-J x clipping., “Story 4: Sleeplessly Embracing”

Hear a reworking of the new alt-J single by the experimental noise-rap outfit

Last month, British alternative rockers alt-J took a turn for the strange when they released the first single from their new album, This Is All Yours. "It’s a weird song, even for alt-J," we wrote in our description. "For one, it drops the guitar, opting instead for synth blips and slowly building orchestration, reminding us a lot of Wild Beasts‘ earliest work." Also around that time, the band's drummer Thom Green (who wowed us the other day with his reworking of Phantogram's "Never Going Home") mentioned he was a fan of noise-rap weirdos, clipping. And wouldn't you have it, just a few weeks later, the outfit have reworked "Hunger of the Pine" into a dark, menacing rap song, of the experimental variety. Guess they don't mind the praise. Listen: