Listen: Cold Specks, "A Season of Doubt" (Feat. Swans' Michael Gira)

Hear a chilling new song from Neuroplasticity

Montreal's Al Spx (better known as Cold Specks) crafts a brand of music she refers to as "doom-soul," blending goth with American gospel. One listen to "A Season of Doubt," which finds Swans' frontman Michael Gira singing backup vocals - the second of two collaborations that will appear on her forthcoming new album - and you'll understand why Spx refers to her music this way. Vocally, "A Season of Doubt" sounds like something from the Nina Simone catalog, but more pained, and colder; production wise, it's dark, foreboding, and unmistakably chilly. “And we move like wolves in the bleak night/And we dance like ghosts deprived of flight,” the two sing in unison. It will appear on Cold Specks' sophomore effort, Neuroplasticity, which is out on August 26th via Mute. Hear "A Cold Season of Doubt" below, via Pitchfork: