LISTEN: Dam-Funk - "3012 Love Affair"



The seventh installment from All City Records ten part 10” series is here. “3012 Love Affair,” produced by two thirds of the group Master Blazter, (soul junkie Dam Funk and beat maker Computer Jay) explores the instrumental infusion of electronica and funk. It's a jam track that allows Jay and Funk to effortlessly incorporate analog and high pitched synth samples with their Casio SK-1's, instilling this very laid back, funky ambiance. Disco/funk veteran Dam Funk has been making headlines since his debut for Stones Throw, Toeachizown, dropped last year; here, alongside Computer Jay, he focuses on the production side of music, fashioning a song as raunchy and alluring as Daft Punk's “Something About Us.” "3012 Love Affair" is out now via All City Records, listen to it below:

Dãm-Funk - 3012 Love Affair