Listen: Dave Sitek and Tinashe - "Xylaphone"

Featuring not actually all that much xylophone.
dave sitek

It's rare that we feel the need to thank Dr. Pepper for anything this early in the morning, but we'd like to shout out a big thanks to Dr. Pepper for cueing up this collaboration between the producer Dave Sitek and the rising R&B singer Tinashe, "Xylaphone," via their studio sessions series. It's basically impossible for a song to be not great with these two on it, and it lives up to our (high) expectations; though there may not be quite as much xylophone as one would have initially imagined, Sitek's slinky, deep beat is bar-none and Tinashe's vocals basically cement her place as one of the year's best new artists. The track will show up on Sitek's upcoming At Any Cost, but you can check it out below.