Listen: Destruction Unit - "Dust"

As in, the Arizona hell-raisers leave you in the dust.
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Destruction Unit

The Sunday after SXSW, my best friend and I left Austin at 5am to drive back home to Seattle. At around 8pm that day our car broke down outside Albuquerque, NM. It started its process of breaking down somewhere on the desolate North Texas plain, as my friend read Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian aloud to me and I drove through a towering cloud of red dust rising from the dead fields. That's basically what "Dust," a new song from Arizona's hell-raising three-guitar onslaught Destruction Unit, sounds like - like hurtling toward inevitable trainwreck against the searing stinging wind. It's the band's contribution to Adult Swim's 2014 Singles Program - check it out below.