Listen: Disclosure + Friend Within, "The Mechanism" (FaltyDL remix)

The New York based producer puts his unique spin on Disclosure and Friend Within's instant banger .

Since Disclosure put out last year's terrific Settle - our Number 4 spot on the Top 40 Albums of 2013 - I've frantically waiting for some new tunes from the U.K. producers for my next house party. Needless to say, when they dropped their new collaboration with Friend Within, I was in complete bliss. Also, full disclosure (pun intended), my party kicked ass. We haven't seen too many DJ's jump on the remix circuit for this powerful track, likely due to the fact that it's pretty spot on as is. However, that didn't stop one Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL, head of the Blueberry label, to put his own unique spin on it. Lustman maintains much of the ethos of the original, but also, per his mantra, makes it a more eclectic affair, focusing on the more unusual aspects of the track, particularly near the end there where he entirely changes course. Listen: