Listen: Doss - "The Way I Feel" (Recycle Culture Remixes)

Doss's frequent collaborator turns in two remixes of her best song so far.
doss the way i feel

You already know that Doss's "The Way I Feel" is one of the best songs of 2014, so we're psyched that her frequent collaborator and producer Recycle Culture has turned in two different remixes of it - a "slow emotion reel" version and a "hyperpop" version. Just because we feel like winding down summer in woozy Balearic style, we think we're leaning towards the first one, which is perfect for your walk home at dawn after last call at the club. The second version's great, too, and we're plotting on how we're going to bump it after Sophie's "Lemonade" the next time someone asks us to DJ something (hint hint). Check out both remixes below.