Listen: Fatima Al Qadiri - "Star-Spangled"

Listen to Fatima's contribution to Adult Swim's 2014 singles series.

Fatima Al Qadiri's taken seasonally-appropriate advantage of her festive position on Adult Swim's 2014 Summer Singles Series roster to release "Star-Spangled," her creepy, synth-heavy rendition of the National Anthem. She says, “‘Star-Spangled’ is dedicated to American national nightmares. On one hand, dark dreams of suburban serial killers and mangled hitch-hike heads. On the other, a false hope of national greatness cooked by covert agendas.” We think she's succeeded with her vision - her take is equal parts soaringly dreamy and deeply disconcerting, maybe not something you'll want to bump at your Fourth of July party, but definitely something you'll want to pay an attentive listen to nonetheless. Check it out.