Listen: Frankie Rose's new band, Beverly - "Honey Do"

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As though Frankie Rose weren't already doing about nine million things, she's started a new band with drummer Drew Citron called Beverly. They've got a new song called "Honey Do," and it's our first taste from their debut record Careers. If you're a fan of Frankie's solo material or her work in Vivian Girls, you'll probably dig - "Honey Do" has got that atmospheric, interstellar vibe that Frankie conjures so well, with a little added garage bite thanks to Drew's massive drums and a scuzzed-up guitar tone. We're psyched to hear more from this project - Careers is out July 1, and you can check out a trailer after you listen to the song.

Beverly, Careers Tracklist:
01 Madora
02 Honey Do
03 Planet Birthday
04 All the Things
05 Yale's Life
06 Ambular
07 Out on a Ride
08 Hong Kong Hotel
09 You Can't Get It Right
10 Black and Grey