LISTEN: Gossip Girl Covers The xx and Rihanna, Simultaneously


Taylor Momsen, who plays lovable, annoying bitch-twat Jenny Humphrey in The Greatest Show Of Our Time, Gossip Girl, took the time to record this acoustic cover/mash of the xx's "Islands" and Rihanna's hook on Eminem's ridiculously stupid "I Love The Way You Lie" — which is actually conceptually cool. And to be honest, it sounds great too. I didn't expect this gigantic, smokey 90s alt-rock chick voice to come from Little J. Listen to the cover below:

Oh and by the way, her band's name is The Pretty Reckless... I'm guessing Paramore but blonde with running mascara and possibly carrying Chuck Bass' bastard?

*Apologies for the numerous Gossip Girl references.