Listen: New Songs from James Blake and John Talabot, via Jamie xx

Note to Jamie xx - please come to the US and host something on NPR.
jamie xx

Listen, we love NPR as much as the next guy, but when was the last time like, Terry Gross had to take a week off from hosting Fresh Air and Jamie xx stepped in to help out? Because it feels like that happens on the BBC all the time. Case in point - Jamie filled in for Benji B this week on BBC Radio 1 and took the opportunity to premiere brand new music from James Blake and John Talabot, sandwiched between his new jam "All Under One Roof Raving," Real Lies' "North Circular," and a ton of other great songs. Check out the playlist over at the BBC - Blake's new track starts around a half hour in and is immediately followed by a new mix from Talabot.