Listen: JJ - "All White Everything"

Listen to the first full track offering from JJ's upcoming V.
jj v

We're big fans of the newly capitalized Swedish duo JJ's weirdo postmodernism, and it looks like they're continuing to play it up on their upcoming record V - here's a new track, our first full taste of the album, called "All White Everything," which isn't a Young Jeezy cover. It's pretty anthemic though, figuring Elin Kastlander's singular vocals over a minimalist, arty pop backdrop and delivering a fist-pumping latter half that'll definitely motivate your post-Memorial Day all-white wardrobe. They've also shared the album cover, featured above, and the tracklist, which you can check out below while you listen. V is out August 19.

JJ, V:
01 V
02 Dynasti
03 Dean & Me
04 All White Everything
05 When I Need You
06 Fågelsången
07 Full
08 Innerlight
09 Hold Me
10 I
11 Be Here Now
12 All Ways, Always