Listen: Katy Perry - "Birthday" (Holy Ghost remix)

We found the soundtrack for the game-changing Footloose moment in the biopic of your life.

My birthday's not until November, but if your birthday's this summer, I'll wholeheartedly expect you to let us all live vicariously through you by bumping this jam nonstop throughout your complete birthday festivities - it's Holy Ghost's electrifying remix of Katy Perry's "Birthday." More Holy Ghost (or basically any classic DFA '80s-revivalist disco pop) than Katy Perry and the kind of thing you'll someday finagle to play over the game-changing club scene / Footloose moment in the biopic of your life, it's absolutely your new go-to fist-pumper to get you motivated this Monday. OH and did I mention it's eight minutes long? Check it out.