Listen: Kyla La Grange - "Wrecking Ball" (Miley Cyrus cover)

Somehow, this song's still bearing fruit.
Kyla La Grange

Looks like "Wrecking Ball" covers - here are some by Wild Beasts! Haim! London Grammar! - didn't die with 2013, but we're not necessarily complaining - the track's still bearing fruit that sometimes ends up better than the original. Case in point, here's Kyla La Grange's take on the song, which figures her singular, ethereal pipes over a very of-the-moment, synth drone-heavy, percussive backdrop. It probably won't wind up on Kyla's forthcoming debut record Cut Your Teeth, but it's another glimpse at a promising new talent. You can grab that album in a record store starting June 2nd.