Listen: Lemonade - "Stepping"

Our first taste of Lemonade in too long (sorry).
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lemonade minus tide

It's been way too long since we heard even a peep out of the Brooklyn trio Lemonade (besides my friend's idea to make a mashup record with Ice-T called Arnold Palmer), but they're gearing up to release a new album, Minus Tide, and here's our first taste, "Stepping," a shimmery, maximalist jam that makes great use of an undulating drum machine line. As usual from these guys, it's as if you extracted the essence of summer into musical form; appropriately, Minus Tide will be out September 9th. In the meantime, you'll have no trouble putting "Stepping" on repeat.

Lemonade, Minus Tide:
01. “Stepping”
02. “Durutti Shores”
03. “Clearest”
04. “Water-Colored Visions”
05. “Reaches”
06. “Awake”
07. “Orchid Bloom”
08. “Come Down Softly”
09. “OST”
10. “Minus Tide”