Listen: Liars, "Pro Anti Anti" (Factory Floor (GG:NV) Remix)

Hear DFA's Factory Floor reimagine the hard-hitting Liars anthem

Suffice it to say, Liars are one of the most interesting 3-piece bands out there, and certainly the most diverse. Since releasing their 2001 debut, They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top, Liars have evolved from electronic-punk to scorching, thrash-riddled rock (see: "Scissor" from 2010's Sisterworld), and then returned to the form beginning in 2012 with WIXIW. Their latest, Mess, sees the band going full circle, completely utilizing their affinity for dance-punk and ominous electronic sounds.

Album highlight "Pro Anti Anti" encompasses this transition fully: dark, mysterious, hard-hitting, sounding like LCD Soundsystem on an ecstasy trip gone bad on Halloween. And now, thanks to Factory Floor's new remix of the track, that ecstasy trip will have you going straight for the dancefloor. The UK trio's reimagining of the Liars anthem strips it off its vocals (at least those that are recognizable), and consequently, Angus Andrew's terrifying presence, instead focusing on a feverish, asymmetrical pulse that intensifies over its eight minute duration. Listen: