Listen to Madonna's "Iconic" with Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson

madonna rebel heart

Today in Amazing, Random Collaborations news, you can listen to Madonna?s new song, "Iconic," featuring an inspirational pep talk from Mike Tyson and a solid verse from Chance the Rapper. The song continues Madge's excavation of EDM, this time drawing inspiration from trap outfits like TNGHT. (While we have no hard evidence, we're pretty sure Diplo produced this.)

On here and on other songs we've heard from Rebel Heart, the production's sometimes thrilling, though mostly shaky and misplaced, but Madonna's songcraft is (perhaps not-so-) surprisingly strong. Well into her career's fourth decade, Madonna can still spin up an earworm melody (yeah, hello).

Rebel Heart is due out March 10, though a couple of versions of it are (famously) already online.