Listen: Male Bonding - "A Kick To The Face"

We Googled "Male Bonding" so you don't have to.

Googling "Male Bonding" is like Googling "Perfect Pussy" or "Cottaging" - you'll find some information about a great band, but also a lot of porn. Anyway here's this article so you don't have to Google "male bonding" in order to listen to the London band's Male Bonding's fantastic new song "A Kick To The Face," which sounds like its title. It reminds me of something I've always loved about punk - the best punk songs are only as long as they have to be, like a controlled strike, getting the job done and then cutting out. Two minutes is all Male Bonding need to engineer a catchy firestorm and then duck and cover. We hope this means a new record is in store via Sub Pop or Faux Discx, two of our favorite record labels, both of whom these guys have worked with before. Stay tuned.