Listen: Moon Duo - "Animal"

From their upcoming fourth LP, Shadow of the Sun.
moon duo

Probably the best compliment I've ever received came from a friend as I was DJing an event hosted by my college radio station and playing Moon Duo'sMazes highlight "When You Cut," which is one of my favorite songs ever. My friend was doing sound and came up to me to tell me that he didn't recognize the song but it was the kind of music and general vibe he had always associated with me. I was honored. I've come to realize that Moon Duo make the music probably best representative of how it feels inside my head most of the time, ie. lots of sexy groove, lots of evil distortion. They've just confirmed a new LP for 2015, Shadow of the Sun, their first since 2012's fantastic Circles, and shared a lead single, "Animal," which you can check out now - it'll make everything you do today feel way more badass, trust me. Shadow of the Sun is out March 3rd via the inimitable Sacred Bones - color us psyched.

Moon Duo, Shadow of the Sun:
01 “Wilding”
02 “Night Beat”
03 “Free The Skull”
04 “Zero”
05 “In A Cloud”
06 “Thieves”
07 “Slow Down Low”
08 “Ice”
09 “Animal”