Listen: Mr. Twin Sister - "Out of the Dark"

Long Island's dreamiest guitar pop band switch up their name and their sound on a new single.
mr twin sister

We've been suspecting something was up in the Twin Sister camp for a little while now - changing their Twitter handle and tweeting about "a present for you" - and we were right. Here's the bands' new single, "Out of the Dark," alongside the news that they've changed their name slightly, to Mr. Twin Sister. Unfortunately there's no definitive album news yet, but things look and sound promising - "Out of the Dark" is a great single, with a serpentine vibe, rattling bass, and a seductive vocal turn from Andrea Estella, who drops the key lyric "I'm a woman, but inside I'm a man, and I want to be as gay as I can." Check it out - we'll keep you posted.