Listen: Mykki Blanco and Cities Aviv - "Moshin' in the Front"

Our first sample from an upcoming mixtape, Gay Dog Food.
mykki blanco gay dog food

In recent years Mykki Blanco's churned out pretty much every swarmingly horrifying, exhilarating pump-up jam you'd need before a night out at the club at which you also might get in a fight. Well, that's not letting up - Blanco's just released "Moshin' in the Front," a collaboration with Cities Aviv and our first sample from an upcoming mixtape titled Gay Dog Food, which features help from Kathleen Hanna (!!!!!), Cakes Da Killa, Katie Got Bandz, and more. Crank it up next time you're likely to be moshin' in the front. Check it out and peruse the Gay Dog Food tracklist below - it's out October 28th.

Mykki Blanco, Gay Dog Food:
01 “Runny Mascara”
02 “New Feelings”
03 “For the Homey’s”
04 “Baby’s Got Big Plans”
05 “Self Destruction”
06 “Fulani” (ft. Ian Isiah)
07 “A Minute With Cakes” (ft. Cakes Da Killa)
08 “Moshin’ in the Front” (ft. Cities Aviv)
09 “Something Special” (ft. James K)
10 “A Moment With Kathleen” (ft. Kathleen Hanna)
11 “Solange in the Elevator” (ft. Katie Got Bandz)
12 “Cyber Dog”
13 “Lukas” (ft. No Bra)
14 “GDF Interlude”