Listen: Mystery Skulls - "Number 1" (ft. Nile Rodgers and Brandy)

Look no further to get rid of some winter blues.
mystery skulls forever

If you're looking for your party-starting jam to eschew a bit of the winter blues, we found it - check out a new track from Mystery Skulls' upcoming debut Forever, featuring some guitar riffage from Daft Punk collaborator / disco mainstay Nile Rodgers, and a super-catchy vocal hook from Brandy. We're basically counting down the minutes until this gets constant radio play - over a toe-tapping backbeat, Brandy's soulful vocals perfectly interlace with those of Mystery Skulls' Luis Dubuc. It sounds like a summertime rooftop party at sunset, but you can definitely carry that vibe over into the winter. Check it out - Mystery Skulls'Forever is out October 27th.