LISTEN: New Brandon Flowers – “Swallow It”


As Brandon Flowers' September 6 release date for his debut solo album Flamingo creeps closer, Killers fans the world over may be singing along to "Swallow It", the latest song to sprout up from the Flowers' Las Vegas bejeweled lair.

As expected, "Swallow It" is a cheeky little song with strategically-chosen inappropriate lyrics that aren't as shocking as one would think. What is shocking, though, is how little this track actually is; it goes against everything I thought I knew about Brandon Flowers and his Killers aesthetic. Where is the over-the-top Vegas grandeur? Where is the self-anointed epic epicness that so defined Brandon Flowers in the last decade? The more I hear from Flamingo, the more I start to believe that Flowers might actually be trying to do something different with his music. You be the judge — listen to "Swallow It" below: 


As pleasant as that sounded, I'm still waiting for phat basslines and Hot Fuss synths.