LISTEN: New Simian Mobile Disco - "Casu Marzu", "Thousand Year Egg"


These two new Simian Mobile Disco jams come right off the tail of the somewhat spooky "Nerve Salad" mp-freebie we put up earlier. Formally, though, these cuts are from SMD's Delicatessen & Delicacies singles series, where the duo release songs named after / inspired by some of their favorite foods? With offerings like "Casu Marzu" (dubbed the world's most dangerous cheese) and "Thousand Year Egg", I'm inclined to believe that even these dudes aren't bad ass enough to consume that shit.

Simian Mobile Disco's questionable eating habits aside, these two songs are very much the jams to be heard today. We have the exceptionally hypnotic "Casu Marzu"'s full eight minutes and sixteen seconds on display, thanks to the ever-giving Rocko. New York Magazine's Vulture was also nice enough to point us to a 2 minute clip of "Thousand Year Egg". Listen to both below, and purchase the mp3s on SMD's website if you want them (you will).

SMD - "Casu Marzu"

SMD - "Thousand Year Egg"