Listen: Polica - "Raw Exit"

From an upcoming deluxe edition of Shulamith, a nightmarish banger from an alternate universe.

It's not like Polica have been making fist-pumping, sing-along club anthems this whole time we've been singing their praises, but new jam "Raw Exit" is like a banger from an alternate universe we're kind of scared of and kind of want to live in. It's probably thanks to Channy Leaneagh's delirious repeated refrain, "who's ready to die alone?," but those synth flourishes and undulating bass expertly craft one of the band's signature grooves. "Raw Exit" is the title track of a new EP that'll be available as part of a deluxe edition of Shulamith on June 10, as well as on its own on 10" vinyl on June 30. Stay tuned - we're psyched to hear more.