Listen: Polica - "You Don't Own Me" (Leslie Gore cover)

Hear the band darken up the bubblegum classic for the deluxe edition of Shulamith.

We've been excitedly awaiting Polica's deluxe edition of their 2013 record Shulamith, mostly because of all the new tracks we'll get as part of the package - here's another, the band's moody, serpentine cover of Leslie Gore's classic fuck-you to a jealous boyfriend, "You Don't Own Me." Showing off both frontwoman Channy Leaneagh's powerhouse vocals and her band's knack for conjuring a deep, dark soundscape out of minimal materials, it's a great, unique cover, and a must-listen. Check it out - you can pick up the deluxe Shulamith in a record store starting June 10th.