Listen: Royksopp and Robyn - "Monument" (Kindness remix)

Kindness and the South African singer Busiswa throw a wrench in the Do It Again highlight.
royksopp and robyn

So far the best thing that's happened in August, given all the unrest in the world, is probably that Kindness is back. Fresh from announcing his upcoming LP Otherness, he's remixed Royksopp and Robyn's collaborative single "Monument" into a six minute juggernaut retitled "A Monument to Everything," with help from the South African singer and performance artist Busiswa. What with the slapped bass sounds, atmospheric background synths, and sax licks, it sounds, well, like a Kindness song - and it's awesome to have another singular female voice to face off with Robyn's. This just might be the best remix you hear this week.