Listen: Run The Jewels - "Oh My Darling Don't Cry"

Plus, a hilarious list of pre-order packages.

Killer Mike and El-P's Run the Jewels are gearing up to release RTJ2, and they've just shared a new taste as part of Adult Swim's 2014 Singles Series - here's "Oh My Darling Don't Cry." It's a fantastic track, featuring Mike's memorable lyric "I do two things - rap and fuck," and the vocal stylings of Michael Winslow, a sound effects editor who adds a "guest robot voice." It's a great listen that'll get you even more psyched for the LP - and, if you're that psyched, you might as well consider some special preorder packages that the duo have listed via the label Daylight Curfew. Want to hang out with the guys before up to ten shows, smoking their weed and drinking their Hennessy? Want a special edition of RTJ2 composed of nothing but cat sounds? Want them to exact revenge upon anyone who has ever wronged you (in the excellently named "Fuck Boy Revenge Package")? Best yet, do you want to force them to retire from music completely except for one song a year about you and named after you? All this - and more! - can be yours, if you've got millions of dollars. Even if you don't, listening to this song is pretty fucking awesome. Check it out while you wait for the rest of the record, out October 27th.