Listen: Sia - "Salted Wound"

Her contribution to the Fifty Shades of Gray soundtrack.

Day by day we near the release of the movie version of Fifty Shades of Gray, and day by day we get another leaked song from the soundtrack - Sia's just shared her contribution, "Salted Wound." I honestly challenge you to show me one member of the BDSM community who would appreciate bumping this track while getting down and dirty, but maybe I'm just expecting too much from the apparently extremely vanilla person who was hired to music direct the soundtrack to this movie. I demand more Nine Inch Nails! Nevertheless, it's always great to hear new stuff from Sia, especially when it's this beautiful, so I'll just pretend it's off the soundtrack for like, some Oscar-bait biopic. Check it out and swoon over those strings! The soundtrack's out February 10th, the movie on Valentine's Day.