Listen: Spoon - "Inside Out"

Another new song and creepy video from our most anticipated record of 2014.
spoon 2014

Every Spoon record has at least one contemplative, woozy jam that grooves for days ("Nobody Gets Me But You" / "They Never Got You" / "Paper Tiger" / "Believing is Art," etc.) and we think we found the track that fits the bill from the band's upcoming They Want My Soul - they've just released "Inside Out." In case you needed more proof after revisiting their entire discography in advance of the new record (I can't be the only one who's doing this?), no one summons a deep groove like this band. Britt Daniel drops the titular lyric "I know that time's gone inside out" a few times throughout, but it feels more like it's spread out and slowed down a little. Check out the track via its creepy visual below while you wait for the rest of the record, out August 5th.