Listen: The Rural Alberta Advantage, "On the Rocks"

Hear the latest from the band's forthcoming third album, Mended With Gold

The latest single from Canadian indie rockers the Rural Alberta Advantage is one of their more subdued affairs, certainly compared to its predecessor "Terrified." With "On the Rocks," fronted by a usage of gospel chords that brings their debut album to mind, Paul Banwatt continues to prove why he's one of the more skillful drummers out there, which provides a great contrast for frontman Nils Edenloff's pained, though genuine, vocals. Edenloff apparently spent time alone in a cabin while writing the lyrics for their upcoming third album, Mended with Gold (makes sense, it worked for Bon Iver) and you can sense the emotion in his voice with "On the Rocks" (see below). Mended With Gold is out on Sept. 30th, via Saddle Creek.