Listen to a Grimes and Majical Cloudz Collab from 2009

...about forcing their obese cat to diet.

In 2009, Grimes and Majical Cloudz mastermind Devon Welch had a pet cat named Voignamir who turned on them when they forced him to diet. Of course, they wrote a song about the situation which Grimes just rediscovered on her computer and promptly posted to her tumblr. It has a woozy indie-rock bent, and Grimes' vocals recall her more understated work on early records like Geidi Primes. "I never felt so sad as when my kitty didn't love me," she sings, which, if you've ever had a cat show you nothing but pure hatred before, you probably understand. Listen to the demo over at Grimes' tumblr while you wait for new records from both her and Welch.