Lauryn Hill shares "Black Rage" Demo, Dedicates it to Ferguson

Listen to a home-recorded version dedicated to the protesters in Ferguson, MO.
Lauryn Hill Performs In London

Lauryn Hill has been performing a song called "Black Rage" live for a few years now - it's a reinterpretation of "My Favorite Things" that delves deep into institutionalized racism and race-based violence. Yesterday, she Tweeted a version of the song that she recorded in her living room, with an annotation dedicating the song and sending a message of peace to the people of Ferguson, Missouri, who have been protesting for almost two weeks in the face of militarized police tactics after the murder of an unarmed black teenager, Mike Brown, by a cop who's currently on paid vacation. Especially with its context in mind, it's a chilling but important listen, with Hill's poetic, singular vocals commanding attention. Check it out and peruse the lyrics below.