Listen to New LCD Soundsystem: "Dance Yrself Clean" and "Change"


"Drunk Girls", the first single from LCD Soundsystem's upcoming This Is Happening, was exciting, catchy and an all around great tune, but musically, it was far from showing any growth since the band's Sound of Silver days. Two new songs from This Is Happening have surfaced, revealing LCD Soundsystem's laxity and range.

The first tune, "Dance Yrself Clean" is a gloriously awkward and irregular 9-minute jam that sounds as if it were inspired, a bit, by Dan Deacon's 2009 album Bromst. Listen to it below:

The second song, "Change" (according to the tracklist) or as I've also seen it, "I Can Change", is a heartfelt, belting love letter. Like all LCD Soundsystem ballads (if you can call them that), "Change" sounds melancholy as the bitter-sweet lyrics roll out of the speakers. "Change" also sounds undeniably current, opposed to LCD Soundsystem's usual mesh of vintage and futuristic sounds. In fact, upon first listen, you can easily imagine the song being on Hot Chip's latest album.

This Is Happening is due out May 18th on DFA.