Listen to Sia's new album, 1000 FORMS OF FEAR

Sia's powerful new album is streaming in full, a week ahead of release.
Sia 1000 Forms of Fear

One of the most interesting pop stars of 2014, Sia, is currently streaming her powerful new album 1000 FORMS OF FEAR on iTunes.

Sia first came to prominence when HBO's excellent Six Feet Under used her song "Breathe Me" during the pitch-perfect series-closing scene. This was way back in 2005. Since then, she's triumphed over alcoholism, drug addiction and bipolar disorder, taken out a pair ofunder-appreciated albums and penned songs for Beyoncé, Rihanna and Britney. (Listen to Sia's amazing and insightful Howard Stern interview to learn more.)

Finally ready to once again sing on her own massive pop songs, Sia prepped FEAR will three pre-release singles, "Chandelier," "Eye of the Needle" and "Big Girls Cry." Powerhouse lead single "Chandelier," a song about the horrors of alcoholism, quickly surpassed "Breathe Me" as Sia's best and most devastating song. It also gave birth to 2014's most iconic music video and marketing tactics.

After weeks of wonderfully strange TV performances, 1000 FORMS OF FEAR is out next Tuesday, July 8. Listen to it a week in advance here.

Listen to Sia perform an acoustic rendition of "Chandelier" and "Diamonds" (the song she wrote for Rihanna) for Howard Stern: