Listen to two new tracks from The Bug

One featuring Grouper's Liz Harris, the other featuring Manga.
the bug angels and devils

The Bug is prepping one of our favorite album concepts of 2014 - an epic LP divided up into two halves, appropriately called Angels and Devils, with side A far less menacing than side B. Today he's shared two tracks from the album, one, presumably, from each side - "Void" features spectral vocals from Liz Harris, better known as Grouper, and will be the first track on the album; "Function" is built up on a synth-heavy, deceptively simple backbeat that sounds like a lost recording from Diplo's harsh noise project, over which Manga serves up bossy, confident realness. Check out both tracks below, but don't you dare listen without headphones. Angels and Devils is out August 25th.