Listen: Toro Y Moi as Les Sins - "Bother"

Chaz Bundick is finally releasing a full LP as his dance project, Les Sins.
les sins michael

Chaz Bundick has two musical monikers - you probably know him best under his Nom de Chillwave Toro Y Moi, but when he makes dancier music, he goes as Les Sins. He's released quite a bit of material under that name, but he's just announced Les Sins' first full-length LP, Michael, which is definitely an early front-runner for best album art of 2014 (that's it above). It also will include this fantastic track "Bother," which figures a vocal line you've probably heard from your dad ("don't bother me, can't you see I'm working?") over skittering drums and chatty background vocals, until the whole thing breaks into a sublime conclusion (you'll see). Check it out - Michael is out November 4th via Bundick's new imprint with Carpark, Company Records.