Listen: Vashti Bunyan - "Holy Smoke"

Hear a sample from the renowned folk songwriter's final album, Heartleap.
vashti bunyan

Vashti Bunyan released her debut album Just Another Diamond Day in 1970, then quit recording music, discouraged by its poor reception, until 2005, when she released Lookaftering after a growing wave of new freak-folk artists acknowledged her work as influential and important. Now she's gearing up to release Heartleap, her third album, which she's also said will be her last. You can listen to "Holy Smoke" from that record now; it's a lovely listen that figures Vashti's singular vocals over gentle fingerpicked guitar and delicate keyboard chords, a perfect song for wandering through your neighborhood in the late summer. Check it out - Heartleap is out October 7th.