Listen: Little Dragon x Nosaj Thing x Future, "Klapp Klapp" (Remix)

Check out Nosaj Thing's reworking of the lead single from Nabuma Rubberband

And the award for the most eclectic group of musicians to appear together on a track this year goes to.....

Nosaj Thing has just remixed Little Dragon's "Klapp Klapp" from their recently released album, Nabuma Rubberband, and it features a surprise verse from Future. This isn't the first time he's teamed up with a trendy rapper - see his collaboration with Chance the Rapper on "Paranoia." Future and Nosaj Thing rework the lead single from the Swedish pop group to the point where it's unrecognizable. Gone is that grimy bassline that carries the original, replaced with feverish hand claps and a discernible amount of hip hop flavor. Check it out below: