Check Out: Lizzo - "Batches and Cookies"


The Detroit-via-Houston-via-Minneapolis musician Lizzo has been in pretty much every kind of band there is - all-female R&B trio, prog rock and electro-pop groups, the list goes on - but she's set to make big waves on her own thanks to a recent signing to the somewhat incongruous but awesome label Totally Gross National Product (that's right, Justin Vernon's label) and the instant catchiness of this song, "Batches and Cookies," the second single from her appropriately titled upcoming record LIZZOBANGERS. Check out the track along with its fabulous video, in which Lizzo and Sophia Eris feed guys doughnuts, oil their hypeman, hit up a pride rally, and cruise around on motorcycles. It's probably too late for "Batches and Cookies" to qualify for song of the summer, but it's definitely a contender for song of the autumn. Check it out - LIZZOBANGERS is out October 15.