Look Out for Grimes' Forthcoming Glam Rock Single

She also clears up some confusion about "Go."

Grimes mastermind Claire Boucher took to Twitter last night to clarify some misconceptions and get her fans psyched up about glam rock. She shared that she'd just finished a new, glammy track inspired by Queen and David Bowie that could be a "third single," and that she's been working with guitars - "IRL music" - for the first time, aiming to capture a visceral feel. She also clarified a few rumors about "Go," the polarizing single she released with Blood Diamonds this summer - "we mostly put it out cuz it's insanely fun to play live," she said. Then she revealed that none of the songs from her forthcoming LP have been shared yet - "["Go" is] only not on the album cuz I didn't produce it and I produce my albums." Yeah girl! We're psyched to hear what she's got in store - stay tuned, and revisit the "Go" video below.