Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnite (ft. Japanese Cartoon)


Surprised to hear that Lupe’s new song, “Solar Midnite” is used in the upcoming Twilight movie? Like we joked before, the track list is amazing (Lykke Li, Killers, and Thom Yorke?!), possibly even soundtrack of the year worthy, so… who wouldn’t want to get a piece?!


Lupe “collaborates” with “his band,” Japanese Cartoon, to create an interesting and fitting track for the film. It doesn’t sound like your typical Lupe track, but it is well matched to the basic characteristics of Japanese Cartoon.  He composed the track after viewing an early, unfinished screening of film.  He said he was trying to pull together the elements of the chaotic love story, which builds among the characters and translate it into a great song. I think the rock side of Lupe stands strong and is very enjoyable.

“Solar Midnite” appears as a bonus track for the New Moon soundtrack, which is now available via iTunes. Listen to it here: