Lykke Li - "Velvet" (The Big Pink Cover)

Lykke Li

The Big Pink's "Velvet" was easily one of my favorite tracks of 2009 off one of the better albums of that year too. So forgive me for a second, but I have to comment on how weird it feels to hear this song Lykke Li'd. (Lykke Li'd: the act of making any song effortlessly sound like a Lykke Li song.) But it's true. Lykke Li does an impeccable job of making "Velvet" sound hers. If I didn't know better, I'd think this cover was an actual cut from Li's latest, woozy Wounded Rhymes.

Lykke performed "Velvet" at her recent MTV Unplugged show. (Remember those?) You can watch Lykke perform a variety of your favorite songs including "I Follow Rivers" and "Dance Dance Dance" over at the MTV Unplugged website. While we're on the subject of MTV, did you know we are nominated for than "MTV O Music Award" for Best Independent Music Blog? Yeah, go figure. You can vote for us if you want.