M.I.A. & Blaqstarr - "Lemme Hump You"


M.I.A. is following up "4thepeopleontheboat" by leaking another new track, this time with NEET signee and frequent collaborator Blaqstarr on "Lemme Hump You" (assumed title). Hear the track below:

The song was found streaming via a secret, unlisted YouTube video (above) on http://ithinkyoumightgetshitforthat.com/, a domain presumably registered by Maya. With all of this new material M.I.A. is leaking herself, is it safe to bet on a mixtape from M.I.A. dropping before the year's end? Maybe, even, Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 2?

Earlier this year, M.I.A. released one of the most polarizing albums of 2010 — /\/\/\Y/\.