M.I.A. - "Only 1 U"

A new song to appear on Matangi?
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About two minutes into NTS' June 28th two-hour broadcast, the online radio station seems to have played a full, brand new M.I.A. song called "Only 1 U." It's hard to say if this new song will make it onto Matangi, or if it is actually even new at all — but as Pitchfork points out, the beat does echoes a bit of M.I.A.'s too brief Matangi mix. We won't know for sure what this is until more details on Matangi are released, but for now, hear what appears to be some new M.I.A. below; "Only 1 U" is played about 2 minutes into the broadcast. UPDATE: here is a radio rip from YouTube: